Hole Saws
Draper Holesaw Kit Hole Drill Cutter Set Plumber Kitchen Fitter Downlight Saw
A comprehensive holesaw kit supplied with a selection of popular sizes hole-saws, suitable for cutting holes in wood or plastics.
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8PC Hole Saw Holesaw Kit Set 64, 76, 89, 102, 127mm Professional, DIY
Includes 5 holesaws. Sizes:- 64mm, 76mm, 89mm, 102mm and 127mm. Includes drive plate, arbor and allen key.
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9pc Down Lights Hole Drill Cutter Saw Holesaw Kit Set 51mm 60mm 65mm 72mm
Includes six hole saws suitable for cutting through wood, plasterboard, plastic and thin sheet metal. Sizes: 88mm, 75mm, 72mm, 65mm, 60mm and 51mm.
11pc Drill Metal Wood Alloy Round Circular Hole Saw Cutter Cutting Set Kit Case
11pc Hole Saw Set. Set Includes 8 Steel Hole Saws, 2 Arbors With Pilot Drill And Allen Key
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Silverline 240pc Drill Bit Set HSS Masonry Screwdriver Wood Hole Saw Bits
Silverline Assorted Drill Bit Set 204pce. 51 x HSS Twist Drills Titanium Coated (1x5, 1.5x5, 2x5, 2.5x5 , 3x6 3.2x5, 3.5x5, 4x6, 4.5, 5x2, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8mm)
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