Marking tools
Dekton 7 Pc Carpenters Pencil And Sharpener Joiner Set Marking Wood Material
This set of specialist Dekton carpenter pencils feature a flat oval design with a soft lead, the pencils are perfect for marking templates
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Dekton 2pc Builders Chalk String Line Kit Reel Set 30m (100ft) 4oz Blue Chalk
Dekton Chalk line with retractable reel with hook for garden or ground marking. Ideal for making boundaries and straight lines.
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Chalk Line Set 3pc 16 Metre 115g Blue Chalkline Marking Stud Walls Brickwork
Chalk line for accurate line marking.. Includes Hi-Vis 16m chalk line.. 4oz of blue chalk in airtight container.
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Mechanical Carpenter Pencil Non Slip Pocket Clip Timber Metal Ceramics Concrete
Mechanical Carpenter Pencil. Works on Tinber, Metal, Ceramics & Concrete. Lead lasts longer than traditional pencil